Did you know that protected bike lanes have all sorts of amazing community and business benefits? Of course we cyclists get to enjoy the safety benefits, but every community should consider protecting their bike lanes as pointed out in this great one page summary written by Shaun Jacobsen.

What is a protected bike lane? It is not only a dedicated bike path/lane, but one that is separated by some sort of barrier. This barrier can be parked cars, plastic posts, planters, and much more. Only some of the larger urban areas actually have these protected bike lanes.

Painted Bike Lane in Phoenix Arizona

Painted Bike Lane in Phoenix Arizona

More and more cities are moving towards dedicated and painted bike lanes. This offers a second best alternative to protected bike lanes. Phoenix just began a campaign to paint their bike lanes bright green. This provides a stunning visual for drivers and cyclists alike. It is still a far cry from fully protected bike lanes, but it is a definite step in the right direction! You can read more on the Fox news article here.

Below you can check out the findings in Shaun’s one page summary on Why Build Protected Bike Lanes?

Protected Bike Lane Benefits

Protected Bike Lane Benefits

Shaun has graciously allowed anyone to download, print, and share this freely. Shaun created this for all to use and enjoy, call your local legislator today! You can download Shaun’s PDF here: Bike Lane-Benefits. Or you can check out his original post on Transitized here.

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